Video Distribution and SEO

We offer Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) and Video Distribution. Research has clearly proven that online communications trumps traditional marketing techniques, both in return on investment and in reach. In addition, this recession-fueled market has spawned a sense of urgency to use the internet to target individuals directly.

Video allows brands to communicate their message on multiple levels, and has been proven to be today’s most effective marketing platform. In the just past two years, online video has completely transformed the communications landscape for business marketers. By far, video is the most compelling communication platform ever created.

Online video is second only to word-of-mouth for its ability to influence decision makers in every stage of the purchase life cycle. Simply put, online video is powerful and it will no doubt continue to be so for a long time.
Beyond communicating the value proposition, video productions can utilize in-depth analytics that will give clients insight into which parts of their pitch resonate the best with prospects and customers. Online video also drives branding and awareness through its ability to capture and engage audiences. With its rich storytelling capabilities, video is one of the most effective brand-building platforms available, and it can be applied in advertising, viral marketing and corporate communications campaigns. There is nothing that surpasses the reach of online video.